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VINEYARD MANAGEMENT: Precision Viticulture

Wine grape growing is one of the oldest industries on Earth, and one of the most significant. For years, farmers and vineyard managers have relied on extensive data and unrivaled experience. But despite their strongest efforts, they have constantly struggled with the same old challenge: high production costs, inefficient use of resources, and slim profit margins. Today, with Crowdfarming.Wine’s use of precision viticulture and highly skilled human resources,  this no longer poses a challenge. 

Growing high-quality grapes for premium wine no longer means higher farming costs. Growers are now asked to fully understand and respect the principles of viticulture, and closely follow the development of crops, focusing on responsible and mindful use of resources. 

Harnessing high-tech, data analytics and cutting-edge tools readily available, Crowdfarming.Wine cuts farming costs and resource consumption, increasing productivity and making the most out of vineyard operations and techniques.


Our full-service vineyard management offers year-round cultural and farming practices. We ensure the sales of your grapes to wineries and we foster grower-winery healthy relationships. We develop specific strategies to help grapegrowers run successful vineyards, by means of fully-tailored operations adapted to our client’s goals and needs. We specialize in first-rate grape growing.

Crowdfarming.Wine hires the most highly skilled and experienced vineyard workers. We know the right people. We get the job done right. 

Crowdfarming.Wine has developed a pioneering farming system that uses ultimate Precision Viticulture tools to gather geo-referenced measurements of the vineyard attributes,  (canopy, soil, grapes, yield, etc) to spatially describe its performance and detect areas of improvement. 

Through multi-sensing systems, big data processing, and IoT, Crowdfarming.Wine reports the vineyard spatial variability in high-resolution imagery and assesses management practices appropriately to optimize whole-vineyard performance, in terms of production, quality, and global sustainability.

We combine millions of unrelated complex data points and convert them into a simple visual insightful experience, with the goal of achieving:

 1- lower costs and resource consumption 
2- higher crop yields
3- better product quality 

Our vineyard management philosophy is a game-changer for farming. When our extensive experience is combined with real-time data collection at the plants themselves, we redefine the world's oldest and most revered industry. 

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