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“Our aim is to bring winemaker-grade education to anyone who wants to obtain sufficient knowledge in wine while having fun”

FARMING MODULE (CWA Farming Certificate)
WINEMAKING MODULE (CWA Winemaking Certificate)
SOMMELIER MODULE (CWA Sommelier Certificate)

CWA Wine Diploma - “make your own wine” 

At Crowdfarming.Wine we make sure you improve the foundation and key skills that are necessary to refine your ability to taste, communicate, and sell your own wine.  

At CWA fun and exciting courses are offered at the consumer level. The CWA certification requires a combination of education, coursework, at-home learning, examinations, and industry experience. 

You will immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge about all of the virtues and factors that make each wine region different from the rest: the territory, grape varietals, the human element, the styles of wine that are created, the classifications of wines, regulations on viticulture and aspects to do with production, gastronomy, and history. You will study the skill set that professionals in this field must have: setting up wine culture experiences and activities, customer service, managing situations, terminology in English, and wine service.

You will acquire a body of knowledge that will stand you in good stead to be able to convey and provide a better experience and service to your clients and friends.

This course is for anyone who would like to get sufficient knowledge about wine. It will help to acquire the basics needed to be part of this exclusive community, better communicate (your) wine, and boost your sales!.

Come join us and become a real player in the wine industry.

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