We work closely with our clients with the aim of boosting the potential of their business and quickly overcoming the ever so frustrating commercial and operational challenges.

Our service encompasses all the aspects of the wine business.

From strategic planning and brand identity development to grape sourcing, vineyard management, winemaking, export, sales and distribution.

VINEYARD MANAGEMENT: Precision Viticulture + Cleantech

We enhance vineyards' performance, as far as yields, grape quality, economic and environmental sustainability are concerned.

Crowdfarming.Wine has developed a pioneering farming system that uses ultimate Precision Viticulture tools to gather geo-referenced measurements of the vineyard attributes, (canopy, soil, grapes, yield, vigor, irrigation, etc) in order to accurately assess the performance of the space involved and detect areas of improvement.
Through multi-sensing systems, big data processing, and IoT, Crowdfarming.Wine reports the vineyard spatial variability in high-resolution imagery and assess farming practices appropriately to hone whole-vineyard performance, in terms of productivity, quality & global sustainability.

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Proudly informing that all vineyards under Crowdfarming.Wine management are certified 100% glyphosate-free.


We market and SELL your wine!

Our long-standing network in the wine industry warrants successful sales of your grapes and wines at highly profitable prices. Crowdfarming.Wine helps your brand reach distinctive global positioning, through tailor-made brand strategies, identity development and detailed planning. Crowdfarming.Wine will also boost your wine sales by providing exclusive distribution channel management support.

Crowdfarming.Wine helps your product gain access to market through various marketing strategies, promoting sales in events, social media, bars and restaurants. Everybody enjoys nice wine, and we make sure the world falls in love with yours!


Crowdfarming.Wine excels at offering our clients the possibility to produce custom, hand-crafted wines outsourcing grapes from our high-end vineyards located in the best wine regions of Argentina. 

We provide high-quality professional winemaking services for small to medium-sized wine enthusiasts, managed by Crowdfarming.Wine's passionate team, offering a complete, transparent and flexible service.

Rest assured that Crowdfarming.Wine will provide high-quality full management expertise from the vineyard to the bottle.


We offer a fully customized Turnkey Wine-Project Development & Management Solutions

Crowdfarming.Wine performs custom wine project viability analysis, including site evaluations, budgeting, financial and environmental studies, benchmarking and detailed due diligence reports.


A prosperous, profitable and sustainable wine business starts with serious planning, analytical site evaluations and accurate budgeting during the development stage.


Our highly experienced team can provide you with an all-encompassing asset: vineyard and winery site selection, estate sales and acquisition, corporate management, brand building and corporate identity, in-depth business and financial analysis and growth projections.


Be it a greenfield project, expansion of an existing vineyard, or an old and unfruitful vineyard, Crowdfarming.Wine offers a fully customized Turnkey Wine-Project Development & Management Services. 


We cover all legal and financial aspects that your wine project requires.

Crowdfarming.Wine provides comprehensive financial management and legal support: we therefore assist you in being compliant with each requirement of the Argentine taxation and legal system

Licensed by Argentina’s Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) and by the National Institute of Viticulture (INV), Crowdfarming.Wine will produce, sell and export wine on your behalf, relieving you from painstaking red tape, and all the bureaucratic, administrative and legal processes involved.


We take full care of the ever so complex and challenging wine export process, saving you time and money. 

Crowdfarming.Wine offers a full suite of streamlined exporting services, including customs and safe warehousing, efficient distribution and export solutions fitting our clients’ needs and differing business sizes.

Whether we ship by air, ocean, rail, truck or short-sea, Crowdfarming.Wine offers a seamless and trouble-free experience to all of our business partners, by leading the submission of the necessary documentation strictly compliant with the government regulations and customs requirements.


Crowdfarming.Wine provides tailor-made investment solutions to clients looking up to growing their existing company or develop a new wine project. 

Our portfolio includes virgin lands with guaranteed access to water, mature vineyards and wineries acquisition opportunities within the most prestigious wine regions in Argentina.


Crowdfarming.Wine helps your brand reach distinctive global positioning, through tailor-made brand strategies and identity development. 

We enlarge our clients’ scope of vision and inspire them to make the most of what is possible. We will always find a way to express everything our customers desire and try to communicate through their wine. 

Our labels end up being the story we all fail to put into words. We create brands with purpose and brands that last.

We make sure every experience consumers have with your wine is meaningful and unforgettable. 

We create labels the world of wine loves.


Our group of winemakers delivers a comprehensive report detailing a complete overview of any wine.

 • Physicochemical and sensory tests of the wine
• Tasting notes
• Bottle, label and cork quality assessment
• Ex-works price-range



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