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Crowdfarming.Wine - Realising the Dream of Your Own Wine Business

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Crowdfarming.Wine: Realising the dream of your own wine business

Almost every wine enthusiast dreams of one day making their own wine and holding a bottle with their own label. While easy to envision, fulfilling that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare without the right experience, knowledge, and team. In answer to this, Crowdfarming.Wine offers expert know-how and personalised, hands-on support to turn the dream of winemaking, not only into a reality, but also a sustainable business.

Founded in 2019 by Francisco Evangelista, an Argentinian agricultural engineer and entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience in the wine industry, Crowdfarming.Wine offers comprehensive solutions to anyone who has ever dreamt of making their own wine. “We’ve seen innumerable optimistic attempts by entrepreneurs that flounder in the face of the significant financial and emotional barriers,” says Evangelista. “At Crowdfarming.Wine we provide the opportunity to produce 100% personalised craft wines from top vineyards located in Argentina’s best winegrowing regions.”

Argentina, a Winemaker’s Paradise

At the foot of the Andes, in a unique natural habitat, Argentina boasts a sizeable number of stunning vineyards, home to top quality Malbec, Cabernet Franc and many other varieties. “Argentina is the fifth largest wine producer in the world with a rich tradition and many years of experience making unique wines in some of the best terroirs on the planet. At Crowdfarming.Wine we invite you to be a part of that culture, making unique wines in terroirs that are shaking up the global wine scene,” says Evangelista.

Create Your Own Wine with the Guidance of Industry Experts

The Crowdfarming.Wine team have joined experts and specialists with experience in the wine business as a whole, from vineyard to market. Together they offer support and solutions in all aspects of wine production: viticulture, winemaking, sales, marketing, design, legal & compliance, transport, and global exports.

The international team is dynamic and passionate; they work collaboratively to create a highly customised solution that focuses on the clients and their needs. Thanks to this cooperative, creative spirit at Crowdfarming.Wine, the team develop a relationship with customers that they never thought possible: “What sets us apart is that our objectives are 100% aligned with those of our clients. We find the opportunity to ‘fix’ our clients’ businesses, allowing many to fulfil the dream of creating their own wine brand and a sustainable business model. We provide consulting services, create the product, and help taking it to market. Our profitability is directly linked to the degree of success of each business with which we get involved,” Evangelista explains.

The team at Crowdfarming.Wine ensure that every project is implemented in a 100% authentic and personalised manner, guided at each stage by the client’s objectives and involving them as much as possible in the creation of their brand and business, converting them into genuine players in the wine industry.

“We work hard to make a real contribution to the world of wine, sharing our knowledge to provide our clients unique, unforgettable experiences, and hand them the tools to transform their businesses and increase their profitability in a sustainable manner.”

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