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Francisco Evangelista: The Most Inspiring Entrepreneur from the Agricultural Industry in 2021

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Winemaking is like creating “poetry in a bottle.” When a creative blend of grape, yeast along with some skills, unwavering dedication, and a punch of passion are beautifully put into a bottle, it formulates the most celebrated drink in the world. So, behind every bottle of wine, there’s a lot of hard work of farmers, and winemakers under a scorching sun and a vision of some ingenious minds that endlessly test out several varietal and tweak different variables in pursuit of the perfect flavors. But despite their strongest efforts, the farmers, and winemakers are constantly struggling with the same old challenge: high production costs, inefficient use of resources, and slim profit margins. This scenario is forcing farmers to abandon their vineyards, feeling hopeless, believing there is nothing else they can do since their heavy cost structure is killing their profitability. “I’ve seen innumerable efforts and dreams to succeed in the wine market fall apart at the considerable financial and emotional cost to the entrepreneurs”.

Cognizant of this situation, a persevering and visionary leader who came to the forefront to address this long-standing issue in the wine industry is Francisco Evangelista. Grew up among the beautiful vineyards and wineries in Mendoza, the most important wine region of Argentina, Francisco became enamored with grapes and wine. This further shaped him to become an agricultural engineer with extensive experience and expertise in grape production. After spending several years in the wine industry, working for many wineries in Argentina and California, and a US-based company that was exploring real-estate opportunities in Argentina’s wine country, Francisco felt the need to "escape" and exploit what had been brewing in his head all these years, and this propelled his path towards entrepreneurship.

Encompassing All Aspects of the Wine Business

While working in the wine industry, Francisco realized that the wine-grape production matrix in Argentina as well as many other wine-growing regions in the world is deteriorating, leaving small to mid-sized producers on the brink of bankruptcy. Thus, he felt a need to create and develop a solid luxury wine commercial structure, where the producers can benefit from chain integration, and participate in the margins that only the luxury wine industry is able to generate. As a result, Crowdfarming.Wine came into existence by the end of 2018.

Today, Crowdfarming.Wine offers intelligent and cooperative farming methodologies while guaranteeing output optimization, reducing farming costs, increasing quality and traceability (block-chain), and facilitating custom wine making, and introducing its client’s wine brand into the luxury marketplace.“Growing high-quality grapes for premium wine no longer means higher farming costs. We just need to understand and respect the principles of viticulture, and closely monitor the development of crops, focusing on responsible and attentive use of resources,” elucidates Francisco.

Crowdfarming specializes in first-rate grape growing. It develops specific strategies to help grape growers run successful vineyards and wine business by means of fully-tailored operations adapted to its client’s goals and needs. From vine to glass. Through multi-sensing systems, big data processing, and IoT, it reports the vineyard spatial variability in high-resolution imagery and assesses management practices appropriately to optimize whole-vineyard performance, in terms of production, quality, and global sustainability. It combines millions of unrelated complex data points and converts them into a simple visual insightful experience to achieve three key aspects: lower costs and resource consumption, higher crop yields, and better product quality (the wine).

“Our vineyard management philosophy is a game-changer for farming. When our extensive experience is combined with real-time data collection at the plants themselves, we redefine the world's oldest and most magical, intriguing and mystifying industry,” adds Francisco.

The Distinctive Factors

When asked about the differentiating strength of Crowdfarming.Wine Francisco asserts, “The foundations of our USP resides in the fact that we offer the possibility - to anyone - to enter the world of wine, learn, have fun while generating genuine and sustainable margins. We are able to achieve this by ensuring the exposure and commercialization of the final product (Luxury Wines) that will positively and exponentially pull up the rest of the production chain downwards.”

What further makes Crowdfarming.Wine stand out from the rest is the way it is structured to perfectly align both its objectives and those of its clients. Its profitability is linked to the level of success of its clients' businesses. Thus, it makes sure that its clients generate margins in their businesses. Besides the client centricity, the uniqueness of Crowdfarming.Wine also comes from its "connected" and "aware" team. “We are a team of very young, awe-inspiring and talented people who have incorporated the concept of the common good. It may sound very simple but it is very deep and effective at the same time. We are fully comforted by the fact of ‘healing’ our clients' businesses and, on the other hand, allowing many to fulfill their dream of being the creators of their own wine brand, and a sustainable business. We are human. We connect as human beings, using simple words. We are straightforward, transparent, and committed people,” opines Francisco.

Armed with such a diligent team, the company always strives to work in accordance with its internal conviction of contributing to the wine world by transmitting knowledge through its CFW Wine Academy and allowing its clients to live unique and unforgettable experiences within the wine world. It also equips the clients with the required tools to transform their businesses and increase their profitability sustainably while staying committed to global wellness and making sure to generate a true and authentic positive impact on all direct and indirect participants in the wine production chain.

Be Aware - Be Conscious

According to the visionary business leader, entrepreneurs must free up their minds from prejudices and judgments, and labels imposed by the environment where they grew up. He believes all the will, all the wisdom, the essence of who we are, and what comforts the soul resides within us. Thus, he encourages entrepreneurs to raise their level of consciousness and be aware of everything that is already within them to be able to access the infinite possibilities. He also believes that a purpose gives strength in difficult times. Hence, he advises aspiring entrepreneurs to find the purpose behind the work they are doing, the true mission of their life, and what works for them.

“It only makes sense to undertake something if something positive is contributed to the environment where we carry out our activity. That is why we are much focused on the entire wine value chain, always knowing and controlling the way in which we intervene in it to make sure we leave it better than how we initially found it,” elucidates Francisco.

Fostering Partnership while Ensuring Customer Success

Looking ahead, Francisco aspires to further expand Crowdfarming’s ability through strategic partnerships while staying 100% committed to the vision of offering real and long-lasting wine sales solutions to help grape growers overcome the ever so frustrating commercial and operational challenges.

“Our goal is to establish strategic partnerships with local importers and distributors in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (Brazil), Mexico City (Mexico), Florida and New York (USA), London (UK) and Berlin (Germany) by 2025, and consequently increase wine turnover of our clients,” concludes Francisco.

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